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arkets EQ

Listen with Intelligence
Speak with Confidence

The only generative AI platform in the world that
leverages the power of voice tone.

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Markets EQ is built on top of the world's best AI infrastructure

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The Markets EQ platform provides a suite of tailored features for financial professionals who have an attention to detail.

Voice Tone Analysis

Utilizing the world's largest voice data set on global earnings calls, detect the undetectable.

Best-In-Class Generative AI
Best-In-Class Generative AI

A multi-cloud environment utilizing the best in class GPT-4, Claude 3 Opus, AWS Titan, Gemini Pro 1.5 and open-source Llama 3.

Any Financial Communications
Any Financial Communications

Full integration with the world's top scoring AI for emotional intelligence; Symbl.ai's Nebula.

Built with Financial Communications Specific Models

Built with Financial Communications Specific Models

Unlock the power of your existing public or private communication content. A new layer of understanding becomes available to your team.



Markets EQ has invested heavily into the best-in-class protection for our enterprise clients. From cloud retention policies to on-prem deployments, and everything in-between.

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